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Candy Cake Wedding's Blog

Top 5 Sunflower Yellow Wedding Themes

August 20, 2016

Sunflower Country Wedding Bouquet
Frosty Beer Mug Groom's Cake

August 05, 2016

Beer Stein Cake Idea
Drones for Weddings

August 04, 2016

Learning ins an outs of how to get the best drone shots for your wedding may be helpful.

Wedding Drone Video Ideas

Easy Candy Cake Recipe

November 16, 2015

Searching for an easy no bake candy cake recipe? Do you have leftover Halloween candy? Here are a few fun and rather easy ideas to decorate candy cakes and/or make your own candy cake for parties, birthday parties, bake sales and more.
Candy Cake Recipe


The Purple Wedding Cake - Top 5

November 15, 2015

Let us explore some of the wedding cake ideas found in purple wedding themes. The Game of Thrones fans have dubbed the messy affair the 'Purple Weddinghowever...

Purple Wedding Cake made from Cake Pops


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