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Hilarious Adult Party Decorations and Favors You Need To Have In Your Next Party

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Parties come in different themes, and the one thing that can make any party a memorable one is by having unique decorations and party favors. If you're planning an adult party, bachelorette party, or bachelor party and want to add a touch of humor in it, then look no further. In this blog, we'll be showcasing some hilarious adult party decorations and favors that you need to have in your next party. Whether it's a bachelorette or bachelor party, or just a fun way to liven up an event, these party supplies will sure to be a hit with your guests.


Adult-Themed Games
No party is complete without games, and there are plenty of adult-themed party games available. You can sample games like "Cards Against Humanity" or "What Do You Meme?," both of which are popular choices, and they don't disappoint. Another fun game idea is "Pin The Hose On The Fireman," which is, of course, perfect for a bachelorette party.

Funny and Sexy Adult Shot Glasses
Shot glasses are a must for any adult party, and there are plenty of hilarious options to choose from. You could get a classic "TIPPING TOWER SMASH PARTY SEXY ACTIVITY DRINKING GAME" glass, or you can go with a more daring option that says, "Shots & Sphincters," or "Drink Up, Bitches." Fill them up with your favorite cocktail or beverage and give them as party favors at the end of the night.

Smash Party Sexy Activity Drinking Game.

Photo Booth Props
A photo booth is a classic addition to any party, but it's even better with props. Having photo booth props that are adult-themed takes it up a notch. You could have masks of famous celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, or personalizations like "Bride-to-Be" or "Groom-to-Be." They make for hilarious pictures and memories that your guests can enjoy.


Funny Adult Inflatable Gag Gifts
There's something about inflatable gag gifts that never cease to make people laugh. There are plenty of options, from inflatable animals to costumes, and even emojis. You can even have an inflatable beer pong table or a giant inflatable penis, perfect for a bachelorette party. Your guests can also take them home as a playful party favor. Get more ideas HERE.

Funny adult inflatable for parties

Naughty Balloons
Adding a bit of fun to your party with naughty balloons can be surprisingly effective. You can get creative with balloon designs and quotes, like "VIP Only," "Do Not Disturb" or "Let's Get Naked." There are also more explicit options like “Big Dick Energy” or “I’m a Grower, not a Shower.” These balloons can double as décor and party favors.


If you want to add a bit of humor to your next event and make it fun for everyone, these hilarious adult party decorations and favors are perfect. Whether it's naughty balloons, adult-themed games, or inflatable gag gifts, your guests are sure to have a great time and remember the party for a long time. Just make sure to choose decorations and favors that match your party theme and personality. So have fun and get creative!


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