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What to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue

  • , by Candy Cake
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Find out What to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue

Booking a wedding venue is no easy task, that is why we have created this helpful task list on "What to Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue" to help you along the way. These helpful hints will help you navigate your passage and hopefully come out on the other side a peaceful and zen-like newly wed bride or groom.

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First off all venues are different so aside from these questions read the contracts and fine print thoroughly. If you still do not understand it ask a lawyer to go over it with you or a good friend or family member that is a professional or has extensive experience with contracts.

Wedding Party Venue Ideas:
• Aquarium • Art gallery • Baseball or football stadium • Beach • Botanical garden • Campsite • Casino • College campus • Cruise ship • Dude ranch • Fairgrounds • Farm • Historic mansion • Industrial loft • Island resort • Las Vegas or a Lighthouse • Museum • National park • Opera house • Planetarium • Private home • Private yacht • Racetrack • Restaurant • Ski lodge • Theater • Theme park • Vineyard • Zoo

#1 What services does the rental fee include? Catering services, banquet managers, tables, chairs, linens, tableware, equipment rental and so on, or just the room?

#2,  Are Sundays and Saturdays more expensive? If so, are the days cheaper or more expensive than the evenings? Is the rental fee cheaper if we don't book a Saturday night? Rental fees tend to vary per month— generally you'll get a better deal if you book a date during low season (i.e. November through April).

#3 Will there be other events scheduled on the same day as my event? If so what are these events and how close will they be? And will we have to share any equipment, food preparation space or restrooms?

4# Can you guarantee me the staff that I need for my event? (This is dependent on the arrangement via #1.)

5# What is their alcohol policy? Does the catering fee include a full open bar?
If not is the bar charged for which via a flat fee, by the hour or based on what, and how much, the guests consume.

6# Are they current with their health department and insurance certificates? Reputable sites meet county or city health codes and carry liability insurance in case of injury while on the property. No paperwork, no business. Imagine an unsanitary kitchen getting all 100 of your guests sick. Not a good scene.

7# If the facility is legitimate and approved via county, state or city permitting they should have an adequate amount of restroom facilities? Ask them if they do? And then keep in mind that there are generally, at least two bathroom stalls for every 100 guests.

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8# Can they accommodate physically challenged guests? Do they offer ramps and elevators? Don't forget, if possible do a thorough walkthrough with these questions in mind and see for yourself!

#9 Are there any other restrictions that we may need to know about? Some residential areas may require you to close down your party at a certain hour. What about fire hazards — can you use candles or sparklers?

10# So important - What is your payment and cancellation policy? Where does the security deposit fall into this? Is it also refundable when cancelled so many days, weeks or months before the wedding or event? Make sure that all of this is clearly stated in the contract.

Hint: Don't assume anything! Get everything in writing, even if you feel like a pain in the behind to the manager, protect yourself and get all promised verified in writing and make sure that you get a copy! 

Note: We hold absolutely no accountability for the advice given in this blog post. If you are in doubt about contracts or any other ideas related to your wedding planning we strongly suggest that you get the proper legal advice.


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