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The Best DIY Wedding Photo Collage Pallet Designs 0

Wood Pallet Ideas DIY Wedding Pallet Collage DIY Photo Collage on a Pallet Frame,  Pallet Projects and more will add a dynamic effect to your wedding, party or/and home decor. To find out our favorites scroll down!

DIY Photo Collage on a Pallet

How to make a Wedding Photo Collage Pallet

  1. Briefly jot down your design idea on paper
  2. Find or purchase a Bottle Cap Pallet Weathered Wood Board that matches your predesigned theme
  3. Gather pictures and craft items that match your pallet collage board theme
  4. Add momentos to your pallet board
  5. Add Decorative Wood Letters
  6. Affix photo and frames to board with a kit like the 50 Piece Assorted Picture Hook Kit
  7. Post your results on our comments section of this page.

Wood Frame Collage

Photo: Gardner Village

Majestic Champagne Ice Carving Bowl with Roses Embedded 0

Like a long lost art, this majestic ice sculpture reemerges the love of ice, champagne and roses via this carved and frozen ice bowl. Perfect for weddings and events in need of an Ice Sculpture Champagne Display with an extra special touch...the roses!

Champagne Ice Carving with RosesPhoto by:


Add to Bar Designs, Drink Displays, Ice Displays & Sculptures, Champagne Towers and then feature your favorite Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Don't for the illumination, this ice sculpture would be nothing without proper lighting illuminating it from beneath.


What you will need for your ice sculpture - How to DIY Ice Sculpture:

  1. Distilled water or rainwater (enough to fill your ice sculpture mold)
  2. ice sculpture mold (this is used to freeze your water in, this will give you the desired shape of your final product)
  3. Choose fresh flowers of your choice, or fresh red roses
  4. Don't forget the drip pan for the ice sculpture on the table setting
  5. Lighting for the ice sculpture needs to waterproof lighting
  6. Make a special "cool" space for your sculpture in your table centerpiece, preferably out of sunlight and high intensity lighting

Ice Bowl with Roses and ChampagnePhoto: Pinterest

Just a few tips:

  1. Make sure that your freezer is large enough to house your ice mold.
  2. Make sure that you give your water long enough to completely turn to ice, but not too long
  3. Fill container 1/3 full, add flowers and freeze 3 - 6 hours
  4. After flowers are frozen into place adjust their position and freeze again
  5. When you are ready to remove the mold run under warm water
  6. For a shimmering glossy look spray down the ice sculpture with a spritz of cold water 

Rose Ice Sculpture CarvingPhoto:


Purple Rose Ice Sculpture Carving



Pine and Roses Winter Wedding Floral Table Runner

Pine and Roses Winter Wedding Floral Table Runner 0

Christmas Tree Farm Winter Wedding Flowers

Mini Chalkboards for Weddings and Parties 0

Chalkboards are a stylish and versatile way to add DIY flair to your wedding or party. The possibilities are endless when you add them to your tables, centerpieces, candy buffet, gift corners and more. Choose your trim and create your own style. Some options include a narrow wood trim that surrounds the edges, creating a light rustic DIY feel; Great for weddings, kids crafts, place cards, and parties of all sorts. 

Top 5 Chocolate Cigar Ideas for Weddings

Top 5 Chocolate Cigar Ideas for Weddings 0

Chocolate cigars make a fine addition to wedding favor welcome bags, tabletop settings for those non-smokers and an appreciation gift for family and friends that have contributed so much time and money to your wedding day. Below are a 5 ideas for chocolate cigars to use at your wedding.

Gentleman's Cigar Chest Gift Box
From the mouths of GODIVA chocolates, "Leave your guests with a lasting impression of your wedding with chocolate wedding favors from GODIVA. When they sit down at the table, these gourmet chocolate wedding favors will have them oohing with delight. From beautifully shaped milk and dark chocolates wrapped in GODIVA’s signature gold ballotin boxes to chocolate cigars creating an artistic statement, your wedding favors will be remembered by your guests for many years to come."

GODIVA Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Cigars

Royale Chocolate Cigars in Cigar Box pack of 12

Dark Chocolate 12 Piece Cigar Box

Milk Chocolate Cigars by Novelty Indulgence - Box of 24