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Idea for Winter Wedding Flowers

Country Living's DIY Mini Cloches 0

Country Living's Mini Cloches - Using ordinary household glassware Country Living has remade glass into display domes. Create these super-adorable mini cloches with the Mini Glass Bell Jar with Base.

Other ideas include:

This particular project glued an Tree Of Life Finial to the top of each container with a thin coat of E-6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive. Let it harden for an hour before closing the treasures underneath the glass enclosures. Add these DIY treasures to your wedding table centerpieces.


Country Living's DIY Mini Cloches
 Source: Country Living

Spring Flower Wedding Chandelier 0

Spring Flower Wedding Chandelier 

DIY Pinterest #Gold Find of the Day 0

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your space with a little gold color without using real gold. This DIYer may have created the perfect fool's gold with a little gravel and gold spray paint.

Gold Rocks for #weddings