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The Best DIY Wedding Photo Collage Pallet Designs

Written by Candy Cake


Posted on August 03 2016

Wood Pallet Ideas DIY Wedding Pallet Collage DIY Photo Collage on a Pallet Frame,  Pallet Projects and more will add a dynamic effect to your wedding, party or/and home decor. To find out our favorites scroll down!

DIY Photo Collage on a Pallet

How to make a Wedding Photo Collage Pallet

  1. Briefly jot down your design idea on paper
  2. Find or purchase a Bottle Cap Pallet Weathered Wood Board that matches your predesigned theme
  3. Gather pictures and craft items that match your pallet collage board theme
  4. Add momentos to your pallet board
  5. Add Decorative Wood Letters
  6. Affix photo and frames to board with a kit like the 50 Piece Assorted Picture Hook Kit
  7. Post your results on our comments section of this page.

Wood Frame Collage

Photo: Gardner Village



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