Strawberry Cheesecake Wedding Cakes


Strawberry Cheesecake Wedding Cakes?!  Do you daydream about cheesecake? Some people love cheesecake so much that the idea of replacing that old wedding cake with a tiered strawberry wedding cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries makes their mouths water. So why not offer an elegant alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Cover it with white cream cheese icing and strawberries, or allow for it to bare its natural beauty. Either way it will be a tasty surprise for your wedding guests.

4 Tier Cheesecake Wedding Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Flowers

Wilton is known for their wonderful wedding decorations and frosting supplies offers a strawberry cheesecake recipe for those willing to try to make their own. Wilton's cheesecake is shown in the third picture on this page.
Visit Wilton's website for the recipe: Wilton's 3-Tier Wedding Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake Wedding Cake Swirl

3 Tier Cheesecake Wedding Cake with Fresh Strawberries on Top and Whipped Cream
Source: Minooka Pastry

3 Tier Cheesecake Wedding Cake with Fresh Strawberries on Top
Source: Pinterest

Strawberry Cheesecake Wedding Cake

3-Tier Strawberry Cheesecake Wedding Cake
3-Tier Cheesecake Wedding Cake Topped with Strawberries and Chocolate - Cheesecake Lover's DELIGHT!!

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