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Easy DIY Salt and Pepper Seashell Dish for Beach Weddings

Written by Candy Cake


Posted on March 04 2015

Martha Stewart Weddings offers up yet another fabulous idea for the Beach Destination Wedding. With just a few shells the magic touch of the ocean is brought to the tables of wedding guests.
Easy DIY Salt and Pepper Seashell DishImage Source: Martha Stewart Weddings
How to Make a Salt and Pepper Seashell Dish:
Use four clam or scallop shells to make one individual salt-and-pepper dish:
  1. First, run four shells per set through a dishwasher, secured in the silverware caddy.
  2. For the base, turn two shells topside up
  3. Hot-glue them together at the hinge
  4. Glue together the other two shells
  5. Then lay them face up and crosswise over the base, and glue.

Fill with your choice of goodies. Salt and Pepper, Spices or Candy




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